What do I do if I get a notice of violation from the county?

If you receive a notice of violation from the county related to a construction site, stormwater issue, or other environmental matter, here are some recommended next steps:

  1. Remain Calm – While frustrating, the notice is often the start of resolving misunderstandings or issues, not necessarily an immediate fine.
  2. Carefully Review the Notice – Identify what regulation/code is in violation, what corrective actions are required, and what deadlines are given for taking those actions to regain compliance. Make sure you fully understand the specifics.
  3. Contact and Consult the County – Speak with the county inspector/official who issued the notice to better understand expectations and negotiate reasonable timeframes if needed. Ask questions. Don’t be adversarial.
  4. Hire Qualified Contractors if Necessary – If corrections require installing stormwater controls, environmental cleanup services, engineering design fixes or other outside expertise, hire reputable contractors with relevant experience.
  5. Take Corrective Action – Ensure the outlined violations are fully corrected by the deadlines provided in the notice of violation. This may require construction repairs, new stormwater management plans/permits, removing fill or obstructions in wetlands, or other actions.
  6. Provide Follow-up Documentation – Submit any compliance reports, new permit applications, photos proving corrections, inspection sign-offs, or other documentation the regulators request showing how full compliance was achieved.

Staying engaged with regulators and following violations through to complete resolution is essential to avoid further enforcement fines. Using qualified technical help is advisable in addressing more complex remediation.

Nicholas Moran

Nicholas Moran

Nicholas Moran grew up in sunny south Florida and lives in Boca Raton. He studied geologist and is a licensed professional geologist. He helps environmental and engineering companies implement software solutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness and is Senior Geologist at MORAN ROCKS LLC, a boutique environmental consulting firm that uses the latest technology and workflow solutions to deliver personalized service at competitive prices.