The most common environmental issues on commercial property

Some of the most common environmental issues that can impact commercial properties in urban areas include:

  1. Contaminated Sites and Brownfields – Past land uses like dry cleaners, gas stations, industry, or automobile repair shops often contaminate soil and groundwater with chemicals and petroleum, requiring cleanup.
  2. Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) – Leaking underground gasoline, oil or chemical tanks are very common and require specialized assessment and remediation if not removed properly.
  3. Asbestos and Lead Paint – These hazardous building materials requiring special handling and disposal are prevalent in older property improvements. Renovations can disturb them.
  4. Stormwater Management – Ensuring proper drainage, pond design, treatment systems, and erosion controls are in place to limit contamination of storm runoff.
  5. Hazardous Waste and Materials Management – Businesses must follow storage, handling, manifesting, disposal regulations for the chemicals, solvents, byproducts on-site.
  6. Vapor Intrusion – Volatile contaminants like cleaning solutions or petroleum can emit vapors from soil/groundwater up into buildings, creating air quality and health issues if not properly addressed.
  7. Indoor Air Quality Concerns – Exposure risks to employees and the public from mold, particulates, asbestos, radon, or ventilation issues.

Carefully assessing these common risks unique to the property type and area development history is crucial when evaluating environmental conditions.

Nicholas Moran

Nicholas Moran

Nicholas Moran grew up in sunny south Florida and lives in Boca Raton. He studied geologist and is a licensed professional geologist. He helps environmental and engineering companies implement software solutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness and is Senior Geologist at MORAN ROCKS LLC, a boutique environmental consulting firm that uses the latest technology and workflow solutions to deliver personalized service at competitive prices.