Regulatory Files Collection (One Facility)

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Supplemental to the standard EDR report, this is a Regulatory Files Collection. Order this when you need to review regulatory files as part of your Phase 1 ESA.



This is supplemental deliverable to your standard EDR report. When you see your Subject Property and adjacent properties have regulatory files that need to be reviewed. Provide the permit numbers for the subject property and order a Regulatory Files Collection for your Phase 1 Environmental Assessment. All files associated with those permit numbers found in FDEP’s Oculus will be collected, renamed with the date the were received, the file category, and type and they will be organized by permit number and delivered to you via a dropbox link.

!!!NOTE!!! Very Important, when you order your Regulatory Files Collection Please list the facility ids / permit numbers for the facility you are requesting files. Limit the facility ids / permit numbers to just those of the 1 subject property.


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